We help our clients to create business value from their data

 Data strategy

adviseYou have a business challenge that you want to solve by using data? We can help you crystalise the question and lead the way to a pragmatic, valuable solution

Data architecture

adviseYou need a solution that works for your exact business requirements? Using the latest technologies, we design and build data architectures that are flexible and that can scale.

 Data science

adviseYou want predictive analytics to answer questions from your data? We apply state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to discover the insights you need.

 Data applications

adviseYou want to put the data and the insights in the hands of the right people in your organisation? We build data applications that are easy to use can work on any device.



Holiday travel prediction


Burglary predicton


In our choice of technology, we always keep the business question in mind. Each decision is a trade-off between performance, cost and complexity. Because of strong previous experiences, we often prefer open source technologies.


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